Ukrainian Drone Attack Damages Russian Su-57 Felon Fighter Jet at Akhtubinsk Airbase

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Ukrainian Drone Attack Damages Russian Su-57 Felon Fighter Jet at Akhtubinsk Airbase

Ukrainian drones have reportedly damaged a Russian Su-57 Felon fighter jet at an airbase near Akhtubinsk, marking a potential first combat loss for the advanced aircraft.

A significant incident has occurred involving the Russian Su-57 Felon fighter jet, one of the most advanced aircraft in Russia’s military arsenal. Reports indicate that Ukrainian suicide drones attacked the airbase near Akhtubinsk on June 8, 2024, resulting in serious damage to the Su-57. This event could potentially mark the first combat loss of the Su-57 in history.

The drone attack was confirmed by Fighterbomber, a Telegram channel connected to the Russian Air Force. According to the channel, three drones reached the airbase, and one of them inflicted serious damage on the Su-57. The extent of the damage is still being assessed to determine if the aircraft can be repaired.

Another Russian Telegram channel, Russian Military Informant, criticized the lack of proper protective hangars for such valuable and advanced aircraft. The channel highlighted the irony of the situation, noting that the cost of a proper hangar would have been less than the expense of repairing or replacing a damaged fifth-generation fighter jet.

The Su-57 Felon is a twin-engine, single-seat aircraft designed to perform multiple missions, including air superiority and ground attack. Despite claims of its stealth capabilities, there has been skepticism from Western analysts regarding the extent of these features.

The Ukrainian GUR defense intelligence agency also confirmed the attack, sharing satellite images showing the damage. The GUR did not specify the exact method of the attack but noted that the aircraft was parked at the Akhtubinsk airfield, approximately 589 kilometers (366 miles) from the front lines in Ukraine.

This incident underscores the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia, which has seen regular strikes deep into each other’s territories using missiles and drones. Ukraine, in particular, has been focusing on developing long-range drones to compensate for its relatively smaller arsenal of missiles compared to Russia.

The damaged Su-57 represents a significant blow to the Russian Air Force, given the aircraft's advanced technology and capabilities. The Su-57 program has faced several challenges, including development delays and a crash in 2019, with serial production only beginning in 2022.

If the damage to the Su-57 is deemed irreparable, this event will mark a notable milestone in the history of the aircraft and the ongoing conflict, highlighting the vulnerabilities of even the most advanced military equipment in modern warfare.

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