Ukraine joins the Combined Federated Battle Labs Network

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Ukraine joins the Combined Federated Battle Labs Network


Ukraine joins CFBLNet, enhancing global defense cooperation through interoperability initiatives and collaborative training with 39 Mission partners.

In a significant move towards bolstering international defense collaboration, Ukraine has recently become a Guest Mission partner in the Combined Federated Battle Labs Network (CFBLNet). This partnership opens doors for Ukraine to engage in various interoperability and training activities, fostering closer ties with CFBLNet's member nations.

CFBLNet stands as a secure global infrastructure dedicated to research, development, and assessment in the realm of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR). With 39 Mission partners including NATO nations, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the NATO organization, European Union EEAS, and now Ukraine, CFBLNet facilitates cooperation on a wide scale.

The essence of CFBLNet lies in promoting Coalition/Combined capabilities among its participants. Through shared expertise, collaborative efforts, and training opportunities, member nations strive for interoperability improvements. Ukraine's inclusion not only acknowledges its commitment to interoperability but also highlights its readiness to deepen engagements with international partners.

As expressed by Kateryna Chernohorenko, Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, the expansion of cooperation with NATO signifies Ukraine's dedication to enhancing interoperability. The proven performance of Ukrainian systems during joint exercises underscores their reliability and effectiveness in collaborative efforts.

Currently encompassing over 400 recognized sites across 26 nations and NATO, CFBLNet operates through a partnership between the Combined Communications Electronics Board (CCEB), NATO, and the United States of America. The operational core for European nations, NATO Nations, and NATO organizations is managed by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA).

Ukraine's integration into CFBLNet marks a significant milestone in global defense cooperation. Through shared resources, mutual training initiatives, and collaborative research, CFBLNet continues to serve as a vital platform for enhancing defense capabilities and fostering international partnerships.

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