Ukraine Forces Receives New Capability: ‘Trench Electronic Warfare’

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Ukraine Forces Receives New Capability: ‘Trench Electronic Warfare’

Ukraine enhances its frontline defenses against Russian attack drones with new Shatro EW systems, supporting soldiers in trench warfare.

Ukraine’s military has recently received new electronic warfare (EW) systems designed to protect soldiers in trench warfare. Known as the Shatro, these systems are specifically engineered to block Russian attack drones, providing vital protection to frontline units.

Petro Poroshenko, a prominent Ukrainian politician, showcased the first batch of Shatro 50-1M systems donated by his foundation on his official YouTube channel. He announced the launch of a new program called "trench electronic warfare" aimed at shielding military personnel directly at the frontline. This initiative underscores the commitment to enhancing the safety and operational efficiency of Ukrainian soldiers engaged in intense combat.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are set to receive a total of 48 Shatro EW systems, which will be deployed in the embattled regions of Kharkiv and Donetsk. These regions have seen significant conflict, making the need for advanced defense systems critical.

Strengthening Trench Defenses

The introduction of the Shatro EW systems is part of a broader effort to fortify the trenches and other defensive positions used by Ukrainian soldiers. In addition to the Shatro systems, Poroshenko’s foundation has donated 800 first-person-view drones, cargo manipulators, DAF trucks, and TDC backhoe loaders to the military. These donations are intended to aid the Ukrainian Armed Forces in quickly constructing fortifications both at the frontline and in rear positions.

Poroshenko emphasized the importance of these contributions, stating, “The program of excavators for fortifications means that we buy all the equipment available on the market to build defense lines more efficiently.”

Enhancing Operational Capabilities

The Shatro EW systems are expected to enhance the operational capabilities of Ukrainian forces significantly. By obstructing enemy drones, these systems help prevent reconnaissance and direct attacks on Ukrainian positions. This technological edge is crucial as drone warfare becomes increasingly prevalent on the modern battlefield.

Moreover, the additional equipment donated by Poroshenko's foundation supports the rapid development of defensive infrastructure, ensuring that Ukrainian forces can maintain and strengthen their positions against ongoing threats. The drones and construction equipment will enable more efficient fortification efforts, providing both immediate and long-term benefits to Ukraine's defensive strategies.


The deployment of the Shatro EW systems and other critical equipment represents a significant step in Ukraine's ongoing efforts to defend its territory and protect its soldiers. With continued support and advanced technology, the Ukrainian military is better equipped to face the challenges posed by ongoing conflicts in the region.s

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