Russia to Mass Produce Cluster ‘Glide’ Munition in 2024

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Russia to Mass Produce Cluster ‘Glide’ Munition in 2024

Defense News ,Russia :- Russia is gearing up to manufacture a new type of bomb called Drel starting this year. The news comes from Russian state defense conglomerate Rostec, as reported by TASS.

According to Rostec, the Drel bomb has successfully passed all required tests, and they are now working on developing its warheads. This development coincides with the production of around 10,000 S-8KL guided cluster aviation munitions in 2024.

The Drel bomb, weighing 540 kilograms (1,190 pounds), is a "smart" munition composed of 15 submunitions. These submunitions have the ability to fly independently to the target and open up at the right moment. If a submunition fails to hit its target, it will self-destruct after a certain period.

This guided bomb is equipped with inertial and GPS/GLONASS guidance, along with a "friend or foe" identification system to avoid accidental attacks on friendly forces.

The Drel bomb is released from an altitude of 14 kilometers (8.69 miles) and can glide up to 50 kilometers (31 miles). It is specifically designed to destroy various targets, including armored vehicles, ground-based radar stations, power plant control centers, and anti-aircraft missile systems. Notably, the bomb comes with features like stealth and resistance to electronic warfare.

In summary, Russia's new Drel bomb is set to make an impact with its advanced capabilities, combining smart technology, precision guidance, and a wide range of target options.

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