Rheinmetall Showcases Its Complete Range of Mission Master Autonomous Vehicles at Canadian Defence Industry Event

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Rheinmetall Showcases Its Complete Range of Mission Master Autonomous Vehicles at Canadian Defence Industry Event

Rheinmetall presents advanced defence solutions at Canada’s leading defence industry event, featuring cutting-edge Mission Master vehicles, unique simulation tools, and new collaboration projects.

Rheinmetall is making a significant impression at Canada’s foremost defence industry event by showcasing an array of their latest technologies. This marks the first time all three variants of the Mission Master vehicle—SP, XT, and the new CXT—are being displayed together. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the distinct capabilities of each vehicle.

Mission Master Vehicle Variants

1. Mission Master SP: This compact Uncrewed Ground System (UGS) is equipped with a low-signature electric motor and has amphibious capabilities, making it ideal for silent operations.

2. Mission Master XT and CXT: Both larger vehicles are designed to handle diverse terrains including ice, snow, sand, and rocky landscapes. They feature advanced amphibious capabilities, allowing them to float and swim while carrying a full payload of up to 1000 kg. The XT is diesel-powered, while the slightly smaller CXT utilizes hybrid propulsion for quieter transport of heavy payloads.

3. AI-Powered Navigation: All Mission Master vehicles are equipped with an AI-powered navigation system that is agnostic, enabling it to drive almost any military or commercial vehicle. This system is demonstrated with the light tactical MRZR-D4 vehicle from Polaris, showcasing the versatility of Rheinmetall’s PATH autonomy kit.

Additional Technologies and Collaborations

  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulator: Attendees can test the Mission Master vehicles in a realistic virtual environment.
  • MSU-GP 200T Air Start Unit: The only turbine-powered ASU on the market, known for its compact and lightweight design. It is reliable and versatile, performing well in extreme weather and transportable by air and sea.
  • Solar?Shield Fabric: This patented fabric, designed by Defence Research and Development Canada, reduces solar heat load and manages multispectral signatures. It has been selected for the Australian Defence Force’s new Redback IFV.
  • High Mobility Engineer Excavator (CHER Project): Rheinmetall is collaborating with JCB to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with advanced heavy support equipment.
  • Voyager Vehicle (DAME Project): In partnership with UTV International, Rheinmetall aims to offer a high mobility vehicle platform suitable for various terrains and seasons in Canada’s North and Arctic regions.

Rheinmetall’s commitment to innovation and collaboration is evident as they continue to support the Canadian Armed Forces with dependable and sustainable solutions. The event also highlights Rheinmetall’s recent recognition with the Progressive Aboriginal Relations Level 2 Committed certification from the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business, underlining their dedication to inclusivity and partnerships within Canada.


Rheinmetall’s comprehensive display at this key defence industry event offers a unique opportunity to explore their advanced technologies and collaborations, reinforcing their role as a leader in defence solutions.

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