Rafael: Successful Test of Spyder Air Defence System in All in One Configuration

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Rafael: Successful Test of Spyder Air Defence System in All in One Configuration

Defense News ,Israel :- The Israeli company Rafael, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence, recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully testing the advanced Spyder air defence system in its latest and distinctive configuration known as "All in One." This test involved intercepting an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) in a challenging operational scenario, demonstrating a precise and effective hit.

The Spyder system, developed by Rafael, is actively employed by various military forces globally, offering air defence solutions against diverse airborne threats, including missiles, UAVs, aircraft, helicopters, and tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs). Utilizing two families of interceptor missiles, Python and Derby, the system provides a robust defence mechanism. Rafael recently introduced the All in One configuration for the Spyder, which integrates a radar, electro-optical launcher, advanced control and command system, as well as Python and Derby interceptors, all mounted on a single platform. This configuration serves as an optimal air defence solution for point defence or area defence, whether deployed independently or as part of a Spyder battery, with minimal operator involvement.

During the recent test in Israel, the Spyder All in One system successfully intercepted a UAV in a complex operational scenario, achieving a direct and successful hit. Brigadier General (Res.) Pini Yungman, Executive Vice President and Head of the Air Defence Division at Rafael, highlighted the significance of this achievement. He stated, "Rafael is a global expert and a leading developer of air defence systems that have proven themselves in combat against a myriad of advanced threats and at various ranges." Yungman emphasized the success of the test as a technological breakthrough, showcasing Rafael's commitment to providing tailored solutions for evolving threats in different arenas.

In a noteworthy development from the previous year, Rafael upgraded the Spyder to enable the interception of tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs). The increased interest in the Spyder, particularly due to the conflict in Ukraine, prompted this enhancement. The Counter-TBM Spyder program, initiated by Rafael, involved a thorough analysis of lessons learned from recent armed conflicts with extensive TBM usage. This program resulted in a practical upgrade to the Spyder system, equipping it to effectively counter tactical ballistic missiles, addressing the evolving nature of modern threats.

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