Pakistan Army Appoints New Corps Commanders For Peshawar and Mangla corps in PoK

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Pakistan Army Appoints New Corps Commanders For Peshawar and Mangla corps in PoK


The Pakistan Army appoints new corps commanders for Peshawar and Mangla, signaling a renewed focus on countering militancy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Maj Gen Omer Bukhari takes charge in Peshawar, while Chief of Logistics Staff Lt Gen Nauman Zakria assumes command in Mangla.

In a recent military reshuffle, significant changes have been made in the leadership of key corps within the Pakistan Army, highlighting a renewed emphasis on tackling militancy in the volatile Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Maj Gen Omer Bukhari has been promoted to the rank of lieutenant general and appointed as the commander of the XI Corps based in Peshawar, replacing Lt-Gen Hassan Azhar Hayat Khan, who is set to retire later this month. This change signifies a strategic shift in leadership within the region.

Additionally, Chief of Logistics Staff Lt Gen Nauman Zakria has been reassigned as the commander of Mangla Corps, based in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir's Mirpur district. This move underscores the importance of ensuring operational effectiveness in a sensitive area.

Gen Khan, who has been serving as the Peshawar Corps Commander since August 2022, was initially scheduled to conclude his tenure in November. However, he will retire on May 16 upon reaching the age of superannuation.

Coincidentally, these appointments come on the heels of a visit by Commander of United States CENTCOM Gen Michael Kurilla to various locations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to discuss counterterrorism operations, indicating a joint commitment to addressing security challenges in the region.

Gen Bukhari, the newly appointed commander in Peshawar, brings with him extensive experience, having previously served as the vice chief of general staff at the General Headquarters. His appointment underscores the importance of seasoned leadership in addressing complex security dynamics.

Moreover, the change in leadership may also impact the relationship between the PTI-led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the military establishment, potentially paving the way for enhanced collaboration in addressing security concerns.

In another notable development, Lt Gen Nauman Zakria's appointment as the commander of Mangla Corps fills a vacant position left by Lt Gen Ayman Bilal Safdar, who opted for early retirement amidst unspecified circumstances.

Addressing concerns regarding accountability within the military, Maj Gen Ahmad Sharif Chaudhry, director general of ISPR, emphasized the robust internal accountability mechanisms in place. He reiterated the military's commitment to transparency and adherence to regulations.

Furthermore, the recent promotion of Gen Sharif to the rank of lieutenant general and his retention at ISPR highlights the recognition of merit within the Corps of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

Overall, these appointments reflect a strategic realignment aimed at bolstering the Pakistan Army's efforts in countering militancy and maintaining security in the region. With seasoned leaders at the helm, the army is poised to address evolving security challenges effectively.

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