Mahindra-DRDO 8x8 Wheeled Armored Amphibious Platform Protype Under Trials.

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Mahindra-DRDO 8x8 Wheeled Armored Amphibious Platform  Protype Under Trials.

Defense News , India :- The Indian Army is currently testing the Mahindra-DRDO Wheeled Armored Platform (WhAP) near the factory to see if it could be a groundbreaking new combat vehicle. This 8×8 amphibious beast is a big step forward in India’s military technology, offering lots of options in battle.

Amphibious Advantages:

One big thing that sets WhAP apart is its ability to move on both land and water. Unlike other armored vehicles, WhAP can easily switch from land to water, giving the army more options for moving and fighting. This means they can do things like surprise attacks, cross water obstacles, and launch amphibious assaults, making the Indian Army more effective in different places.

Adaptability at Its Core:

WhAP is designed in a way that makes it easy to change and adjust for different missions and places where it's used. Whether it's for exploring, carrying infantry, or combat engineering, WhAP can be adjusted to fit different needs. This makes it easier to use and manage in different situations, making the army's job more efficient.

Competition in the Works:

Tata Advanced Systems also made their own version of WhAP, but the Indian Army has only used the land-based version so far. The ongoing tests of Mahindra-DRDO WhAP will decide if it's better for widespread use, especially with its unique amphibious advantage over the land-only version.

Impressive Features:

WhAP isn't just good in water; it's tough in battles too. Its strong armor and advanced defense systems are all about keeping the crew safe. With a powerful engine and smart drivetrain, it can move smoothly through tough landscapes like deserts, mountains, and swamps. Plus, it packs a punch with its turret-mounted weapon system and other weapons, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

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