MBDA Partners with IAR Brasov for MARTE ER Missile Integration into Airbus H215 at BSDA 2024

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MBDA Partners with IAR Brasov for MARTE ER Missile Integration into Airbus H215 at BSDA 2024

MBDA signs contract with Romanian Navy for Marte ER missile integration, bolstering Romania's anti-surface warfare capabilities and enhancing national security.

MBDA has signed a contract with the Romanian Navy to supply the Marte ER missile system, enhancing Romania’s anti-surface warfare capabilities. This agreement signifies a significant step in the collaboration between MBDA and the Romanian Armed Forces.

Under this contract, MBDA will partner with IAR Brasov and Airbus, among other collaborators, to integrate the Marte ER missile system fully into the Romanian Navy's mission systems. The Marte ER, part of the versatile Marte family of missiles, is already deployed on various platforms by the Italian Armed Forces and other international customers.

The Marte ER missile represents the latest advancement in the Marte missile family. It is engineered to operate effectively in all weather conditions and can engage targets at distances exceeding 100 kilometers. The missile boasts a flexible mission profile, supporting automatic and manual waypoints, salvo firing, and precise attacks on land coordinates. It is also equipped with sophisticated countermeasures to overcome ships' defensive systems.

MBDA is a leading multinational European defense group specializing in complex weapon systems. With over 15,000 employees, MBDA plays a crucial role in ensuring national security for France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, and their allies. The company is jointly owned by Airbus (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%), and Leonardo (25%).

The integration of the Marte ER missile will provide the Romanian Navy with advanced capabilities to protect Romania’s sovereign interests. This development is part of Romania's broader efforts to modernize its military forces and enhance national security.

MBDA’s partnership with Romania reflects its commitment to international cooperation and innovation in defense technology. The company’s expertise spans the full range of operational requirements for land, sea, and air forces.

The Marte ER missile system is designed to offer high performance and reliability, with features such as:

  • Long Range: Capable of striking targets over 100 kilometers away.
  • All-Weather Operation: Effective performance in various weather conditions.
  • Advanced Countermeasures: Equipped to counter both hard and soft-kill defenses.
  • Flexible Mission Profiles: Supports various firing modes and target engagements.

The ongoing construction and integration efforts for the Marte ER in Romania are part of a broader trend in Europe to enhance defense capabilities through advanced technology and international partnerships. This initiative will not only strengthen Romania’s defense posture but also contribute to the stability and security of the region.

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