KNDS Unveils Advanced Programmable Artillery Fuzes at Future Artillery Conference

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KNDS Unveils Advanced Programmable Artillery Fuzes at Future Artillery Conference

KNDS has introduced a cutting-edge programmable artillery fuzes system, comprising two fuzes and an inductive fuze setter, at the Future Artillery Conference in Paris.

At the recent Future Artillery Conference in Paris, KNDS, a French-German defense company, showcased its innovative programmable artillery fuzes system. This system, currently in advanced development by KNDS Ammo Italy, comprises three main components: the FB375MkII-IM multirole fuze, the FB374 fuze for cargo rounds, and the FB22 Inductive Fuze Setter. These components comply with NATO’s AOP-22 standard, ensuring interoperability with other NATO-compliant systems.

Components of the Programmable Artillery Fuzes System

1. FB375MkII-IM (FOX) Multirole Fuze

  • Functionality: The FB375MkII-IM is designed for 105 mm and 155 mm artillery projectiles and offers four programmable modes: Height of Burst (HoB), Point Detonation Super Quick (PD SQ), Point Detonation Delay (PD D), and Time.
  • Height of Burst Mode: Can be set to three different heights, pre-programmed based on customer requirements. The proximity sensor activates in the last three seconds of the round's flight to avoid enemy jamming.
  • Point Detonation Modes: PD SQ ensures detonation within 250 microseconds upon impact, while PD D allows for a programmable delay of up to 60 milliseconds in 1-millisecond increments.
  • Time Mode: Offers a delay of up to 199.9 seconds, adjustable in 0.1-second steps, aligned with NATO AOP-22 standards.
  • Testing and Qualification: The FOX was tested on various ammunition types, including the 105mm M1 and M107, and 155mm LU107 and LU211 rounds. Most tests were conducted using the Caesar 155/52 mm truck-mounted artillery system. The FOX meets insensitive munition (IM) standards, with KNDS Ammo Italy producing IM explosives for various applications.

2. FB374 Fuze for Cargo Rounds

  • Design and Usage: Built for cargo, illuminating, and smoke ammunition in 105 and 155 mm calibres, the FB374 retains the Time and PD SQ modes. This fuze is more compact and tailored for specific round types, maintaining the same programming parameters as the FOX.

3. FB22 Inductive Fuze Setter

  • Design and Functionality: Weighing less than 1.5 kg, the FB22 is a durable, hand-held device made from aluminum. It features a rubber waterproof keypad for manual data entry and an electric interface for automatic programming from the fire control system.
  • Battery Life: The device offers an impressive battery life of 8 years or 10,000 programming cycles. It is expected to complete qualification by late 2024, with the entire KNDS system available to customers by 2025.

Advantages of the System

The KNDS programmable fuzes system offers several benefits, including enhanced precision and flexibility in artillery operations. By allowing the fuze to be programmed for specific targets and conditions, the system maximizes the effectiveness of each round. Additionally, compliance with NATO standards ensures interoperability with other systems, providing versatility in multinational operations.

Future Prospects

As the defense industry advances, systems like KNDS's programmable artillery fuzes will play a crucial role in modern warfare. The ability to precisely control detonation timing and conditions enhances the operational capabilities of artillery units, making them more effective and adaptable in various combat scenarios.

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