Israeli Radar Station Attacked by Russian-Made Kornet Anti-Tank Missile

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Israeli Radar Station Attacked by Russian-Made Kornet Anti-Tank Missile

Defense News ,Israel :- In recent developments reported by Defence Industry Europe, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) face a pressing issue with the deployment of advanced anti-tank missiles along the Lebanese and Gaza frontlines. Hezbollah's recent attack on the Israeli Air Force (IAF) main radar station on Mount Meron in Northern Israel highlights the urgency of addressing this problem.

The attack, executed using the longer-range version of the Kornet anti-tank missile known as Kornet-EM, exposed vulnerabilities in Israel's defense system. With a range of up to 10 km and utilizing a jam-resistant laser beam, these missiles pose a significant threat to both infantry soldiers and civilians.

While IDF tanks and armored vehicles benefit from active protection systems against rockets and missiles, the same level of protection does not extend to infantry soldiers and civilians in proximity to the Lebanese and Gaza borders. Hezbollah and Hamas, both supported by Iran, employ the Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missile, among other weapon systems, targeting these unprotected individuals.

The ongoing conflict has witnessed Hezbollah launching numerous missiles, causing injuries and fatalities among IDF soldiers. Despite the protection afforded to Israeli Merkava tanks and IDF's Namer and Eitan armored vehicles through active defense systems like Trophy by Rafael and Elbit Iron Fist, the vulnerability of soldiers and civilians near the borders remains a critical concern.

In response to these challenges, Israeli experts have initiated efforts to develop soft or hard kill systems that can effectively protect vital military sites, such as the radar station on Meron Mountain, from long-range anti-tank missiles. The urgency to find a solution becomes evident as the IDF seeks ways to counter these threats, even exploring methods like armed UAVs to neutralize missile launchers.

The attack on the main radar station underscores the need for swift and effective countermeasures to ensure the safety of both military personnel and civilians in the region. The ongoing efforts to develop advanced defense systems reflect the commitment to addressing this pressing issue and fortifying Israel's defense against evolving threats.

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