Israel Deployed ‘World’s First Fully Automatic’ 155mm Howitzer

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Israel Deployed ‘World’s First Fully Automatic’ 155mm Howitzer

The Israel Defense Forces have deployed the Roem/Sigma self-propelled howitzer, a fully automatic 155mm artillery system designed to replace the M109s in the Israeli Artillery Corps.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have officially fielded the Roem/Sigma self-propelled howitzer after a series of successful tests. This new artillery system, developed by Elbit Systems, is touted as the world’s first fully automatic artillery and is intended to replace hundreds of M109 howitzers currently in service with the Israeli Artillery Corps.

Key Features of Roem/Sigma:

  • Caliber and Mobility: The Roem/Sigma is a 155mm/52 caliber artillery piece mounted on a modified Oshkosh 10×10 military truck chassis. This wheeled system offers greater mobility compared to the tracked M109.
  • Firing Range: The howitzer boasts a firing range of up to 40 kilometers (25 miles), with a European variant capable of reaching up to 80 kilometers (50 miles).
  • Automation: The Roem/Sigma features automatic loading and laying of the gun system, allowing for a high rate of fire at eight rounds per minute.
  • Quick Deployment: It can transition from travel to fire mode in just 60 seconds, enabling rapid response times.

Advanced Capabilities:

  • Crew Efficiency: The system is operated by a crew of three, thanks to its high level of automation.
  • Salvo Effect: The Roem/Sigma can fire multiple shells in rapid succession at different trajectories, creating a concentrated salvo effect on the target.
  • Protection: The howitzer includes an armored cabin at the front for protection against blasts and mines.

Statements from IDF:

Brig. Gen. Yair Natans, the IDF’s chief artillery officer, emphasized the significance of the Roem/Sigma in modern warfare. "We have taken yet another significant step towards integrating the ‘Roem’ into the diverse firepower capabilities wielded by corps commanders to assist maneuvering forces — close and lethal support that eliminates many enemies and protects soldiers in various arenas," Natans stated. He also highlighted that the Roem is part of the broader reinforcement of all ground artillery systems, including rockets, missiles, and remotely piloted aircraft.


The introduction of the Roem/Sigma self-propelled howitzer marks a significant upgrade for the Israeli Artillery Corps. With its advanced automation, extended range, and quick deployment capabilities, the Roem/Sigma enhances the IDF's operational effectiveness and provides robust support for maneuvering forces.

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