Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Air LORA Long-range Air-launched Ballistic Missile

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Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils Air LORA Long-range Air-launched Ballistic Missile

Discover how AIR LORA, a cutting-edge missile developed by IAI, enhances air force capabilities with precision strikes and high survivability.

The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has introduced the AIR LORA, an advanced air-to-ground missile designed to enhance the attack and defense capabilities of air forces. According to Jacob Galifat, General Manager of the IAI/MLM Division, this new missile offers air forces the ability to surprise the enemy deep within their territory, delivering precise and powerful strikes while minimizing risks to pilots and aircraft.

AIR LORA is approximately 17 feet long and has a launch weight of just over 3,500 pounds, with the warhead itself weighing around 1,300 pounds. This missile features high survivability, achieved through end-game trajectory shaping and a 90-degree attack angle, which makes it difficult for enemy defenses to intercept. The robust warhead is versatile, allowing air forces to strike a wide range of targets from a safe distance, beyond the reach of enemy air missile defenses.

One of the standout features of AIR LORA is its advanced navigation system. Equipped with immune INS/GNSS navigation and strong anti-jamming capabilities, the missile can operate effectively in extreme weather conditions and highly contested battlefields, ensuring 24/7 operational readiness. The missile can be easily integrated into fighter and bomber aircraft, either as a stand-alone configuration or through the avionics system, and offers a simple fire-and-forget operation, making it user-friendly for pilots.

IAI has a long-standing reputation for innovation in aerospace and defense, with over 40 years of experience in developing strike systems. The AIR LORA missile is a result of this expertise, developed in close cooperation with IAI's ballistic missile defense team. This collaboration leverages IAI's deep understanding of enemy capabilities, ensuring that AIR LORA is equipped to counter sophisticated threats.

In addition to strike systems, IAI is a leader in air defense systems, known for developing the "Arrow" anti-ballistic missile defense system and other ballistic missile defense solutions. The AIR LORA missile benefits from this extensive knowledge base, offering air forces a reliable and advanced tool for modern warfare.

The AIR LORA missile represents a significant advancement in military technology, providing air forces with the ability to conduct precise, long-range strikes with minimal risk. Its integration into existing aircraft systems is straightforward, and its robust design ensures high survivability and effectiveness in a wide range of operational scenarios.

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