Indonesia Completes 42 Rafale Fighter Jet Order With France

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Indonesia Completes 42 Rafale Fighter Jet Order With France

Defense News ,Indonesia :- Indonesia has just agreed to buy 18 more high-tech fighter jets called Dassault Rafale from France. This completes their order for 42 planes that they made in 2022. The last batch of these jets will be delivered by early 2026.

This whole process started in September 2022 when Jakarta signed a contract for six Rafale jets. Later, in August 2023, they ordered 18 more. The total cost of this deal is estimated to be around $8.1 billion.

The Rafale jets are powerful and can do many types of missions. They can defend the air and do reconnaissance. Plus, they can be equipped with long-range air-to-air missiles and laser-guided bombs for ground support.

Indonesia is focusing on building up its air defense capabilities, especially with tensions rising in Southeast Asia. Last year, they planned to buy used planes from countries like Qatar and Japan. However, due to budget limits, they had to cancel a plan to get Mirage fighter jets from Qatar. Instead, they're upgrading the combat jets they already have.

Also, Indonesia decided not to buy Sukhoi Su-35s from Russia. They thought the process would take too long, and there were worries about possible sanctions from the US.

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