Indian Navy MiG-29 Combat Jets Receive Israeli Rampage Missiles

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Indian Navy MiG-29 Combat Jets Receive Israeli Rampage Missiles

The combat effectiveness of India MiG-29 fighter jets has been significantly boosted with the integration of cutting-edge Israeli-made Rampage missiles, marking a substantial advancement in the nation military capabilities.

Recent images circulating on social media depict the carrier-based MiG-29s proudly carrying the precision-guided Rampage missiles beneath their wings. In a separate photograph, personnel from the Indian Navy can be seen inspecting one of these formidable missiles in a hangar, with MiG-29s stationed in the background.

This strategic integration is a testament to the burgeoning military collaboration between India and Israel, particularly in the domain of missile technology. The move is geared towards fortifying New Delhi defense capabilities in anticipation of potential border conflicts, emphasizing India commitment to staying at the forefront of cutting-edge military capabilities.

The Rampage missile, developed by Elbit Systems, is a long-range air-to-ground weapon designed to be compatible with both Western and Eastern fighter jets. Its formidable features include a fire-and-forget capability, making it highly effective against fixed, time-critical, and well-protected targets such as command posts, air force bases, and maintenance centers.

Operable at supersonic speeds, the Rampage ensures precision and minimal collateral damage, making it an invaluable asset in critical military operations. Notably, its anti-jamming capabilities, facilitated by a GPS-assisted inertial navigation system, enhance its reliability and accuracy in reaching designated targets.

Moreover, the Rampage supports video transmission and wireless communication under diverse weather conditions, making it a versatile and dependable weapon for day or night operations. As the first confirmed foreign operator of the Rampage missiles, India stands at the forefront of harnessing this advanced technology to bolster its national security.

Key specifications of the Rampage missile include a length of 4.7 meters, a diameter of 306 millimeters, and a weight of 580 kilograms. With a range spanning from 150 to 250 kilometers and speeds ranging from Mach 1.0 to 1.6, the Rampage missile is equipped with a 225 kg warhead, offering multiple options such as General Purpose, Fragmentation, and Penetration. Its target acquisition capabilities are facilitated by an imaging infrared seeker, further solidifying its effectiveness in diverse operational scenarios.

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