ISRO to Develop Indigenous Method to Certify Spacecraft

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ISRO to Develop Indigenous Method to Certify Spacecraft

Space News ,India :- The head of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), S Somnath, recently shared updates on their efforts to ensure the safety of Indian spacecraft. Instead of relying on existing certification mechanisms for aircraft, ISRO is working on its own process tailored to space missions. Speaking at a discussion with S Christopher, the former chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Somnath highlighted the unique challenges of certifying spacecraft for human spaceflight.

He emphasized the distinction between certifying an aircraft for human flight and establishing a similar process for spacecraft. ISRO recognizes the evolving demands of the industry and is committed to developing a reliable certification mechanism for Indian spacecraft.

Addressing the construction of a new spaceport in Kulasekarapattinam, Thoothukudi, Somnath clarified that this facility is not intended to replace the existing Sriharikota spaceport. Instead, it will be dedicated to launching minor satellites. ISRO aims to send 20-30 small satellites into space from this new spaceport, fostering the growth of space clusters in the process.

Somnath also commented on the possibility of sending robots to space. He explained that this can only happen when advanced robots with sensory perception capabilities are developed. He emphasized that there may no longer be a need for humans to embark on space flights, given the potential of robotic exploration.

In summary, ISRO is pioneering a unique certification process for its spacecraft, developing a new spaceport for specific satellite launches, and exploring the future of space exploration through robotic missions.

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