Ghana warns against illegal Starlink services

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Ghana warns against illegal Starlink services

Ghana has joined the growing list of African nations cautioning against the unauthorized use of SpaceX Starlink satellite broadband service. The National Communications Authority (NCA), Ghana telecommunications regulator, issued a warning on December 7, alerting the public to avoid utilizing services claiming to be from Starlink. The NCA emphasized that it has neither granted a license for Starlink operations in Ghana nor approved any of the associated equipment, according to a news release.

Although SpaceX anticipates launching Starlink commercially in Ghana during the third quarter of 2024, the satellite network already covers the country and other nations where regulatory permissions are pending. Similar warnings have been issued by regulators in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Senegal against the use of Starlink services and the sale of associated equipment without proper authorization.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa revealed on November 28 that Starlink products were being distributed within South Africa without a valid license, posing the risk of substantial penalties. Offenders providing Starlink services without permission could face fines of approximately $264,000 or 10% of their annual turnover for each day the violation persists, as outlined by the regulatory authority.

While Starlink has received approval for operation in certain African countries, including Nigeria and Mozambique, cautionary advisories from regulatory bodies highlight the importance of obtaining proper licenses before utilizing or distributing the satellite broadband service.

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