French Navy Defends use of Million-Euro Missiles to Shoot Down Houthi Drones

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French Navy Defends use of Million-Euro Missiles to Shoot Down Houthi Drones

Defense News , Red Sea :-  In the Red Sea, the commander of France's naval forces is standing firm on the use of million-euro missiles to take down drones used by Yemen's Houthi rebels. These drones pose a serious threat to ships in the area, and the commander argues that the cost of the missiles is justified by the value of lives and assets they protect, as well as the sophistication of the danger.

During patrols in December, the Languedoc frigate successfully intercepted multiple drones using Aster 15 missiles, each estimated to cost around €1 million (U.S. $1.1 million). The British Royal Navy's HMS Diamond has also employed these missiles to defend against drone attacks in the same region.

Western navies face a challenge due to the increasing use of inexpensive drones on the battlefield. While their missile-based air defense systems are effective, they tend to be costly. The economic equation becomes complicated when dealing with drones that are much more affordable than the high-tech interceptors designed for countering expensive anti-ship missiles or manned aircraft, according to analysts.

Vice Adm. Emmanuel Slaars addressed concerns about the missile costs in a press briefing on January 11, stating, "The cost is not just that of the missile we use, but the cost of what we protect." He emphasized that the protection of valuable assets outweighs the expense. Slaars confirmed that the Languedoc was indeed targeted in an incident in early December, and the use of MBDA's Aster 15 missiles successfully intercepted two drones coming from Yemen.

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