Framatome and Naval Group complete the acquisition of Jeumont Electric

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Framatome and Naval Group complete the acquisition of Jeumont Electric

Defense News , France :- Framatome and Naval Group have just completed the acquisition of Jeumont Electric from Altawest. Jeumont Electric is a special company that makes and takes care of motors and electrical stuff for nuclear energy and naval defense. With this acquisition, Framatome and Naval Group aim to strengthen their work in their own areas and make sure Jeumont Electric stays important worldwide.

“Jeumont Electric is really important for the nuclear industry. They are experts in making and taking care of motors and equipment for energy and defense. This acquisition helps us keep a strong supply chain and deal with important issues about independence,” said Bernard Fontana, who is the CEO of Framatome. “Our site in Jeumont and Jeumont Electric's site have a shared history. They are close to each other, so we can work together well. I'm happy to welcome Jeumont Electric's employees to our team.”

Jeumont Electric provides many services like making, taking care of, and replacing electrical stuff. They are known for their expertise and special technologies. They work globally and serve big companies like shipyards, nuclear operators, and top manufacturers.

“We need skilled teams and special knowledge for our naval programs, especially for propulsion equipment. We want to keep Jeumont Electric's exceptional skills alive and make sure it stays important worldwide, especially for the French defense industry,” said Pierre Éric Pommellet, who is the Chairman and CEO of Naval Group.

Jeumont Electric has been around for 125 years, and it has 620 employees. They have four places in France where they make things, and they work in more than 70 countries around the world.

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