First Batch of Upgraded T-90 Tanks 'Bhima Mk 3' Roll out For Indian Army ,More Than 450 Tanks

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First Batch of Upgraded T-90 Tanks 'Bhima Mk 3' Roll out For Indian Army ,More Than 450 Tanks


The Indian Army's upgraded T-90S Bhishma tanks, the Bhishma Mk 3, feature automated targeting, digital ballistic computing, and advanced sighting systems, enhancing combat effectiveness and modernizing India's armored capabilities. With over 450 tanks ordered, these upgrades ensure the Indian Army maintains a potent and reliable armored fleet for years to come.

The Indian Army has taken delivery of the first batch of upgraded T-90S Bhishma tanks, designated Bhishma Mk 3. This marks a significant step in modernizing India's armored capabilities. Reports suggest an order exceeding 450 tanks.

T-90 MkIII rolled out from HVF Avadi

The Bhishma Mk 3 boasts several enhancements over its predecessors:

  • Automated Targeting Capabilities: The upgraded tanks come equipped with a new fire control system that automates target acquisition and tracking. This allows for faster and more accurate engagement in dynamic combat situations.
  • Digital Ballistic Computer: A digital ballistic computer replaces the older analog system, improving firing accuracy by factoring in various environmental conditions like wind speed and temperature.
  • Next-Generation Sighting System: The Bhishma Mk 3 integrates a next-generation sighting system, potentially drawing inspiration from the Arjun Mk 1A. This advanced system provides superior situational awareness for the crew and enhanced target identification capabilities, especially at night or in low-visibility conditions.

These upgrades, reportedly influenced by technology from the Arjun Mk 1A, are expected to significantly improve the Bhishma Mk 3's battlefield performance. The upgraded tanks will provide the Indian Army with a potent tool to deter potential adversaries and maintain regional security.

While details haven't been officially revealed, it's possible that the Bhishma Mk 3 may also benefit from improvements in armor protection and engine performance. These enhancements would further solidify the tank's position as a formidable fighting machine.

The induction of the Bhishma Mk 3 marks a crucial step towards modernizing India's armored fleet. With an order exceeding 450 tanks, this upgrade program will ensure that the Indian Army remains equipped with a powerful and reliable main battle tank for years to come.

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