Finland Buys 40 More Patria 6×6 Armored Vehicles

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Finland Buys 40 More Patria 6×6 Armored Vehicles

Defense News ,Finland :- The Finnish Defense Forces have decided to acquire an additional 40 Patria 6×6 armored vehicles, expanding on a deal made in June. This move follows a 208-million-euro ($222 million) agreement that allowed Finland to purchase 91 vehicles last year, with an option for an extra 70 carriers.

The Patria 6×6 is specially designed for transporting troops but is versatile enough to serve various roles, including company command, medical evacuation, and combat support. Currently, more than 10 vehicles have been delivered to Finland Pori brigade, and personnel training for the system full implementation is set to commence soon.

This procurement is part of the Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) program, an international initiative aimed at providing countries with cutting-edge armored vehicle systems.

Key Features of the 6×6:

  • The personnel carrier weighs 24,000 kilograms (53,000 pounds) and is adaptable for multi-role configurations.
  • It can achieve speeds of up to 100 kilometers (60 miles) per hour on land and eight kilometers (5 miles) per hour in water with amphibious capabilities.
  • Latvia, Sweden, and Germany have chosen the 6×6 as the carrier system for the CAVS program due to its ability to easily meet diverse military requirements.

This strategic acquisition enhances Finland defense capabilities and reinforces its commitment to modernizing its armed forces.

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