Elbit America to Produce IHSS Prototype for US Army

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Elbit America to Produce IHSS Prototype for US Army

Defense News ,U.S :- Elbit Systems of America, also known as Elbit America, has secured a contract from SOSSEC, Inc. through the Sensors, Communication, and Electronics Consortium (SCEC). The contract aims to develop the Integrated Headborne Sensor System (IHSS) prototype for dismounted Soldiers in the U.S. Army. This wearable system allows soldiers to stay mobile while accessing crucial information on the battlefield. The IHSS integrates various sensors into a lightweight Head Up Display, offering unparalleled situational awareness. Elbit America's prototype will undergo three development phases over a 72-month period.

Under this contract, Elbit America will progressively enhance a headborne display with advanced imaging and augmented reality technology over the next six years. Throughout the process, the company will collaborate directly with soldiers, seeking feedback through multiple touchpoints. These touchpoints are crucial for swift product development, ensuring the incorporation of valuable soldier input.

Erik Fox, Vice President of Warfighter Systems at Elbit America, highlighted the company's reputation for next-generation Warfighter Visual Augmentation Systems. He emphasized that the IHSS development involves combining expertise from the precision targeting team in Merrimack with the night vision goggle expertise from the Roanoke facility. Together, these teams aim to create a tailored system that meets soldier needs, delivering the right information in a lightweight package.

The IHSS represents one of Elbit America's solutions geared towards empowering the Soldier of the future. The company is actively working on various decision aids, display systems, and more to support dismounted soldiers in diverse environments, including urban, subterranean, and contested areas.

Elbit America operates as a subcontractor to SOSSEC, Inc., which leads collaborative efforts between the U.S. government and member companies on Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contracts. OTAs are specialized funding mechanisms employed by federal agencies to expedite the research and development of prototypes.

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