China Detains UK's MI6 Spy for Collecting Intelligence, Identifying Potential Assets

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China Detains UK's MI6 Spy for Collecting Intelligence, Identifying Potential Assets

Defense News ,China & UK :- In an unusual turn of events, China has arrested a person, known only as Huang, who was leading a consulting firm abroad, on charges of spying for the United Kingdom. The Ministry of State Security (MSS), China's civilian spy agency, made the announcement without revealing Huang's full name, gender, or nationality, as well as the company they were associated with.

According to MSS, Huang began working with the UK's MI6 in 2015, focusing on intelligence matters. MI6 allegedly instructed Huang to make multiple trips to China to gather intelligence and identify potential assets. The MSS claims that MI6 provided Huang with training and professional spying equipment in exchange for intelligence and communications.

The MSS further alleges that Huang shared 17 pieces of intelligence, including significant "national secrets," with Britain. Throughout the investigation, Huang was granted consular visits in accordance with the law.

CNN reached out to the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office (FCDO) for comment, but they did not immediately respond. This incident follows a broader crackdown by China on international consulting firms, with several offices raided and companies questioned in recent months.

Previously, the MSS maintained a low profile, but it has recently increased communication with the public, even launching an account on WeChat, a popular social networking platform in China. The agency has called on "all members of society" to help combat foreign spies, particularly after the implementation of a counter-espionage law in July.

Businesses are now concerned about potential legal risks due to the law's expanded scope, reflecting the growing tension surrounding issues of national security in China.

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