Canadian Minister Condemn Posters Glorifying Indira Gandhi’s Assassination by Khalistani Supporters

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Canadian Minister Condemn Posters Glorifying Indira Gandhi’s Assassination by Khalistani Supporters

Canadian officials, including Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc and MP Chandra Arya, condemn Khalistani supporters for promoting violence through posters of Indira Gandhi's assassination, urging law enforcement to take action.

Recent incidents involving Khalistani supporters in Canada have drawn significant criticism from Canadian officials. Posters depicting the assassination of former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, with graphic images showing bullet holes and her Sikh bodyguards holding guns, have been put up, causing outrage among Canadian leaders and the Indian community.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc strongly emphasized that promoting violence is never acceptable in Canada. His statement came in response to these provocative posters, which many see as an attempt to incite fear and violence.

Chandra Arya, an Indian-origin Canadian Member of Parliament, echoed these concerns. Arya highlighted that the posters are not just provocative but are a deliberate attempt to instill fear among Hindu-Canadians. He recalled similar incidents from a few years ago, including a controversial float in Brampton and threats made by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu of Sikhs for Justice, urging Hindus to leave Canada.

In a post shared on X (formerly Twitter), Arya stressed the severity of the situation. He pointed out that such displays could potentially lead to real violence if left unchecked. The depiction of Indira Gandhi with a prominent bindi on her forehead, according to Arya, is a clear signal targeting Hindu-Canadians.

Arya called on Canadian law enforcement agencies to take immediate action against these acts. He warned that the use of imagery involving guns and violence could escalate if not addressed promptly.

The controversy comes amid a backdrop of strained relations between India and Canada, partly due to increasing incidents of Khalistani extremism in Canada. Just last month, during the Nagar Kirtan Parade organized by the Ontario Gurudwara Committee, some participants chanted anti-India slogans, further souring the bilateral ties.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India has condemned these incidents, stating that the glorification of violence has no place in a civilized society. Indian officials have urged Canada to take a firmer stance against such activities to prevent further deterioration of relations.

In summary, the actions of Khalistani supporters in Canada, particularly their use of violent imagery and rhetoric, have been met with strong condemnation from Canadian officials. Both LeBlanc and Arya have called for swift action to prevent any escalation of violence and to protect the peace and security of all communities in Canada.

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