Beijing will 'never compromise' on Taiwan: Chinese military tells US

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Beijing will 'never compromise' on Taiwan: Chinese military tells US

Defense News ,China :- In recent discussions between Chinese and US military officials held in Washington, the Chinese delegation emphasized their unwavering stance on Taiwan, declaring that Beijing would "never compromise" on the issue. The Chinese representatives urged their US counterparts to refrain from engaging in what they deemed "provocative actions" in the South China Sea, emphasizing the need for a resolution.

According to the Chinese defense ministry's statement, China insisted on its commitment to the Taiwan issue and called for an end to the United States' support for Taiwan, particularly in terms of arming the self-ruled island. Additionally, China urged the US to reduce its military presence and provocative activities in the South China Sea, while ceasing support for actions that violate international norms.

The statement emphasized that the United States should gain a comprehensive understanding of the root causes of maritime and air security issues, urging strict control over its frontline troops and discouraging exaggeration and sensationalism. The Chinese side also communicated its position on issues related to China's core interests and international hotspots during the talks.

The talks, a result of an agreement between US President Joe Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping to restart military discussions, took place at the Pentagon. Led by US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Michael Chase and China's Major General Song Yanchao, the discussions aimed at fostering healthy and stable military-to-military relations based on equality and respect, according to the Chinese side.

In response, the US stressed the importance of maintaining open lines of military communication to prevent competition from escalating into conflict. Assistant Secretary of Defense Chase reiterated the US commitment to flying, sailing, and operating within the bounds of international law. He underscored the significance of respecting freedom of navigation in the high seas, particularly concerning repeated incidents of Chinese harassment against lawfully operating Philippine vessels in the South China Sea.

The Pentagon highlighted Chase's reaffirmation of the importance of peace and stability across the Strait of Taiwan. The discussions concluded with both sides expressing their willingness to develop relations while addressing each other's concerns, emphasizing the need for actions conducive to the positive development of bilateral military ties.

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