BAE Systems to Showcase Enhanced CV90MkIV at Eurosatory

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BAE Systems to Showcase Enhanced CV90MkIV at Eurosatory

BAE Systems is set to present the upgraded CV90MkIV at Eurosatory, featuring a new turret, with upcoming deliveries to Slovakia and the Czech Republic, highlighting its advanced battlefield capabilities.

BAE Systems is preparing to showcase the latest iteration of its Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) series, the CV90MkIV, at the Eurosatory defense exhibition. This model features a new turret and is soon to be delivered to Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in collaboration with their defense industries.

The CV90MkIV is the newest development in the CV90 family, renowned for its exceptional mobility and survivability over the past twenty years. This latest version brings advanced technological capabilities and adaptability to modern battlefields. According to Tommy Gustafsson-Rask, Managing Director of BAE Systems Hägglunds, the CV90MkIV provides crews and soldiers with enhanced mobility, protection, lethality, and improved combat awareness, making it highly relevant for today’s military operations.

Key Features of the CV90MkIV:

  • Enhanced Mobility and Protection: The CV90MkIV is designed to offer superior mobility and protection, crucial for modern combat scenarios.
  • Advanced Weapon Systems: The new turret allows for integration of a variety of weapon systems, enhancing its all-target capability.
  • Combat-Proven: The CV90 series has been used effectively in conflicts in Afghanistan and Ukraine, demonstrating its reliability and effectiveness in combat.
  • Wide Adoption: With 1,700 vehicles ordered across 17 different variants, the CV90 has been chosen by 10 European nations, including eight NATO members.

BAE Systems Hägglunds has experienced significant demand for the CV90, securing contracts for multiple upgrade programs and the development of new vehicles. The company has heavily invested in its facilities in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, and established strong partnerships with local industries in various markets to ensure a secure and efficient supply chain.

The CV90 family, particularly the Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) variant, forms the cornerstone of this vehicle series. Agile and powerful, it offers comprehensive protection to soldiers and is highly effective in the 23-38-tonne weight class. The CV90 has logged over eight million kilometers, underscoring its durability and reliability in various operational environments.

As BAE Systems prepares to unveil the CV90MkIV at Eurosatory, it marks a significant milestone in the evolution of combat vehicles, promising enhanced capabilities and performance for European defense forces.

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