Australia Taps BAE Systems to Upgrade Anzac Frigate Firepower

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Australia Taps BAE Systems to Upgrade Anzac Frigate Firepower

Defense News , Australia :- The Australian government has granted BAE Systems a contract to enhance the capabilities of its Anzac-class frigates, marking a significant advancement in naval firepower. Under this agreement, BAE Systems will integrate a state-of-the-art Common Control System (CCS) into the frigate's Mk-45 naval guns, aligning them with the configuration utilized by the US Navy.

This strategic move aims to establish a commonality between the Australian and US naval capabilities, fostering increased interoperability between the two allies. Furthermore, the upgrade addresses obsolescence concerns, ensuring the longevity of the Mk-45 gun systems for decades to come.

BAE Systems Vice President, Brent Butcher, emphasized the cost-effectiveness of the CCS upgrade, asserting its role in extending the operational life of the Mk-45 gun systems. This enhancement enables the frigates to deliver critical naval fires, creating a versatile configuration that accommodates the integration of future precision-guided munitions.

The Mk-45, a fully-automatic naval gun system by BAE Systems, is designed to engage both surface and air targets effectively. The specific Mk-45 configuration installed on the Anzac frigates is recognized for being the lightest and most compact, providing robust naval fire support for expeditionary operations. Notably, the system features a 20-round automatic loader drum and achieves a maximum firing rate of 16 to 20 rounds per minute.

BAE Systems anticipates that this upgrade will equip the weapon with the latest and most innovative technology features at significantly reduced costs. Brent Butcher reiterated the company's commitment to modernizing and equipping allied nations with enhanced Mk-45 gun systems to address both current and future threats.

The contract work is slated to occur in Kentucky, with the initial deliveries expected by 2026, marking a crucial step towards bolstering Australia's naval capabilities in alignment with cutting-edge technology.

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