Poland Bolsters Defense with Second Saab 340AEW Aircraft Delivery

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Poland Bolsters Defense with Second Saab 340AEW Aircraft Delivery

Poland completes the acquisition of two Saab 340AEW aircraft from Sweden, enhancing its early warning and command capabilities.

Poland has strengthened its national defense by receiving the second Saab 340AEW aircraft from Sweden. This marks the completion of a significant contract aimed at enhancing Poland's early warning and command functions. The Polish Armament Agency announced this milestone, fulfilling a contract signed in July 2023 worth approximately EUR 52 million. This acquisition underscores Poland’s commitment to modernizing its defense infrastructure amid evolving regional security challenges.

The Saab 340AEW, a Swedish airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) platform, is a crucial addition to Poland’s defense system. These aircraft are designed to provide advanced surveillance capabilities essential for the early detection and tracking of potential threats. By integrating these aircraft into its defense network, Poland aims to significantly improve its situational awareness and command efficacy.

The Saab 340AEW is equipped with the PS-890 AESA radar system, part of the Erieye family. This radar can track multiple targets, including ships, planes, and missiles, at ranges up to 400 kilometers (250 miles). Operating at an altitude of 6,100 meters (20,000 feet), the radar can scan a 120-degree arc on either side of the aircraft, though it has limited coverage directly behind and in front of the plane. These advanced capabilities are expected to play a vital role in Poland’s defense strategy over the next decade.

Poland plans to keep these aircraft operational for about ten years, during which it will procure new aircraft of a similar class. This forward-thinking approach ensures that Poland’s early warning and command capabilities will continue to evolve, maintaining a robust defense posture.

The PS-890 radar offers significant advantages over traditional radar systems. Unlike the circular radar used in AWACS planes like the E-3 Sentry, the non-movable PS-890 radar reduces drag, enhancing the aircraft’s operational efficiency. This system can simultaneously track various targets, contributing to a comprehensive surveillance network essential for national security.

Poland's acquisition of the Saab 340AEW aircraft demonstrates strategic foresight in addressing modern security challenges. As these aircraft are integrated into the national defense framework, they will complement existing systems and provide a layered defense approach. This investment in advanced early warning systems reflects Poland’s dedication to maintaining a state-of-the-art defense capability.

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