Navy Plans to get Undersea Chariots, Made in India, for Special Operations

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Navy Plans to get Undersea Chariots, Made in India, for Special Operations

The Indian Navy is set to enhance its Marine Commando (MARCOS) capabilities by acquiring domestically manufactured swim delivery vehicles, also known as underwater chariots or midget submarines. In a bid to modernize and strengthen its special maritime operations, the Navy plans to deploy these small submarines, capable of accommodating at least six crew members and powered by lithium-ion batteries.

Reports from the "Indian Express" indicate that these submarines, designed for underwater operations, will play a crucial role in increasing the endurance of divers by allowing them to carry large cylinders, extending their underwater stay. Additionally, the compact size of these submarines facilitates the transport of extra weaponry for diverse operations. The Navy is actively collaborating with industry experts to design these submarines, with plans to procure several dozen units once the initial prototype receives approval.

These midget submarines find widespread use in advanced navies globally, proving invaluable for tasks such as operating in shallow waters, monitoring coastal installations, and targeting enemy ships in ports. Launchable from ships or submarines depending on their size and role, these self-propelled vehicles boast versatility. In historical context, during World War II, man-powered torpedoes were commonly referred to as "Chariots."

Interestingly, reports suggest that the Pakistan Navy already possesses a small submarine, a fraction of the size of conventional submarines, utilized by its specialized service group SSG (N). This development underlines the strategic importance of compact submarines in modern naval operations.

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