Canada Sends 50 Armored Combat Support Vehicles to Ukraine to Aid Defense Efforts

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Canada Sends 50 Armored Combat Support Vehicles to Ukraine to Aid Defense Efforts

Canada begins delivering 50 Armored Combat Support Vehicles to Ukraine, part of a larger support effort against Russian aggression, including training and air defense investments.

Canada has started delivering the first four out of 50 Armored Combat Support Vehicles (ACSVs) to Ukraine, supporting its defense against Russia. These vehicles, developed by General Dynamics Land Systems (GDLS), are part of a significant pledge by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2023. The initiative also includes investments in high-priority air defense capabilities for Ukraine.

The first batch of ACSVs, worth 650 million Canadian dollars ($472.8 million), will be used to train Ukrainian troops in wounded personnel evacuation operations this summer. Notably, ten of these vehicles are in the ambulance variant.

The production of future ACSVs for Ukraine is ongoing at the GDLS facility in London, Ontario. Further deliveries are planned over the next three years. GDLS Canada’s Vice President and General Manager, Jason Alejandro Monahan, expressed pride in supporting the donation, highlighting the role of these vehicles in sustaining a cross-Canada supply chain involving over 600 suppliers and supporting thousands of middle-class jobs.

This delivery marks Canada’s second batch of ACSVs to Ukraine since the Russian invasion in 2022. So far, Ukraine has received 39 Armored Combat Vehicles (ACVs) from Canada. This includes training provided by more than 300 Canadian Armed Forces servicemen under Operation Unifier, Canada’s commitment to training Ukrainian troops through 2026.

Operation Unifier, which started in 2015, has already trained over 41,000 Ukrainian Armed Forces members. In 2022, around 225 Canadian Army soldiers were deployed to join British, Dutch, and New Zealand counterparts to prepare Ukrainian personnel. Additionally, 40 Canadian combat engineers were sent to Poland to train Ukrainian sappers on explosives, mining, reconnaissance, and associated countermeasures.

Alongside this military aid to Ukraine, Canada is also engaged in a program with GDLS to supply the Canadian Army with its own fleet of ACSVs. This approximately 2-billion Canadian dollar ($1.45 billion) program involves an order of up to 360 vehicles, including variants for troop/cargo, ambulance, electronic warfare, engineering, command post, maintenance and recovery, and mobile repair teams. These new vehicles will replace the army’s aging M113 Tracked Light Armoured Vehicle and Light Armored Vehicle II (Bison) fleets. The Canadian Army officially received its first ACSV unit in October 2023, with deliveries expected to continue until 2025.

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