BAE Systems Unveils NavStorm-M: Advanced Anti-Jamming GPS Receiver for Modern Weaponry

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BAE Systems Unveils NavStorm-M: Advanced Anti-Jamming GPS Receiver for Modern Weaponry

BAE Systems introduces NavStorm-M, a robust anti-jamming and GPS receiver for military applications, ensuring precise navigation for artillery, missiles, and unmanned systems.

At the Joint Navigation Conference in Cincinnati, BAE Systems launched the NavStorm™-M, a cutting-edge integrated anti-jamming and GPS receiver. This new product is designed for use in artillery, bombs, missiles, and unmanned systems, offering robust, precise navigation capabilities even in the most challenging environments.

Key Features of NavStorm-M:

  • Gun-Hardened Design: NavStorm-M is built to withstand the extreme conditions faced by military hardware, making it ideal for use in high-impact scenarios such as artillery and bombs.
  • Advanced Anti-Jamming: The receiver employs sophisticated beamforming technology to resist jamming attempts, ensuring continuous, reliable GPS signals.
  • Anti-Spoofing Measures: NavStorm-M is equipped with features to detect and counter GPS spoofing, enhancing the security and reliability of navigation data.
  • Layered Protection Approach: The device integrates multiple layers of protection, including resiliency and software assurance, to provide robust and dependable performance.
  • M-Code GPS Technology: This next-generation Assured-Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (A-PNT) device supports M-Code, offering enhanced security and accuracy for military operations.

Doug Lloyd, Director of Weapon Systems for GPS at BAE Systems, stated, “With NavStorm-M, we offer advanced, cost-effective solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our extensive portfolio enables us to meet a range of size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) requirements effectively.”

Meeting Modern Military Needs:

NavStorm-M is designed to meet the stringent SWaP-C requirements of modern military systems. It is suitable for unmanned aircraft systems, loitering munitions, hypersonic platforms, and other advanced weaponry. The receiver can function as a standalone GPS navigation system or integrate seamlessly with an inertial navigation system for enhanced accuracy.

Global Reach and Manufacturing Excellence:

BAE Systems has a history of delivering high-quality GPS solutions. The company has supplied Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) products to over 45 countries and is actively delivering M-Code GPS receivers to the U.S. armed forces and allied nations through the Foreign Military Sales program. The production of NavStorm-M will be carried out at BAE Systems’ state-of-the-art 278,000-square-foot engineering and manufacturing center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


NavStorm-M represents a significant advancement in military GPS technology, providing reliable, jam-resistant, and secure navigation solutions for a variety of military applications. This new offering from BAE Systems ensures that warfighters have the tools they need for successful mission completion in increasingly complex and contested environments.

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